Greetings from our CEO


Dear Colleague,

Thank you for visiting the Holophi CH web site. It is a pleasure to share with you a preview of our vision and ground-breaking approaches for assisting organizations like yours. Together, we happen to be living during an era of
dramatic change that is bringing us face-to-face with challenges unprecedented in human history. It is an exciting time to be alive, but also a time that calls us to new levels of creativity, flexibility and willingness to reach beyond the norms of the past.

The entire globe has knitted itself ever more closely together during the past several decades. The frequent and near immediate interactions we humans have with each other are creating something new and fascinating. That is,
we are together functioning as a dynamically integrated system, or in scientific parlance, what we would call a complex or emergent system.

Scientific research in this area, though still in its infancy, is revealing more and more about how we can actively and effectively work with  a system as a unified whole - a functioning organism. We also continue to learn more about why attempts to work with older, hierarchal and linear concepts of causality and change do not work well in closely interacting systems, especially during times of rapid change.

Holophi CH brings this new way of thinking and acting to the service of your organization. We offer you the tools, insights and worldwide adaptive networks of expertise that are needed for success in today's environment of change. We enjoy sharing our ideas and approaches, and invite you to contact us to discuss how we may help you benefit from these new methods that are powerfully attuned to our present times.


Paul Gailey, PhD